Tuesday, April 23, 2013

San Diego

This year The American Medical Society of Sports Medicine held it's annual conference in San Diego. Nate was attending and had to get a hotel anyway, so we decided to tag along. We stayed at the awesome lodge on the Naval Air Station North Island. This is the view from our balcony.

The day before we were going to leave, Jansen had a really really hard time with a windy afternoon we had in Las Vegas. He was pacing the hall, crying, covering his ears, etc. It really shook me up too because he has never reacted that severely. We were worried about going to San Diego because the beach is almost always windy. With a little bribery, prayers, and just working through it, we didn't have any big problems on the trip.  I am reading some books on childhood anxiety (which I am almost positive he has), and we are hoping to help him overcome this. His fear has transformed a little. He actually does really well IN the wind lately, but he is very bothered by hearing the wind or seeing trees waving in the wind or hearing wind chimes. Even if it is not windy, he will usually not look out the window or be near windows.

He was great at the beach though thankfully.

This lodge is so perfect for a family. Right on the beach, pool, playground, bunk beds, continental breakfast, etc. Our suite had a kitchen and a separate living area, so Nate and I could watch a movie or something after the kids went to bed.

The city of Coronado is SO beautiful as well. That big bridge in the background is what we would cross over each day to get Nate to his conference downtown and then to get back to the island.

This was a fun park we found as we were exploring one morning. Nate attended the conference each day, but some days were shorter than others (or he just missed parts) and he was able to spend time with us.

Jansen loves jumping out of swings lately.

Beaches are amazing to me. I don't love to be in water or in a swimsuit or getting dirty, but I do love being at the beach.

Emmy was very cautious of the waves and didn't have much interest in getting wet at all.

Jansen on the other hand, LOVES splashing in the waves. 

Nate missed a lot of our beach time, but we had a great time one afternoon with him.

My little Emmy running her little heart out on the sand. 


Anonymous said...

That looks absolutely heavenly. Interesting that Jansen has no fear of the crashing waves of the Ocean. Go figure. So glad, it looks so fun.

Annie said...

That whole wind issue just breaks my heart. You are such a good mom to him. Looks like such a great trip. Oh man I love the beach. Probably because I really like being dirty. And wet. And I absolutely love my swimming suit. Sometimes I just wear it around the house. You know. For fun.

Joni said...

Looks like so much fun. My sister had the wind anxiety. It was bad and so sad for her. But she grew out of it so there is hope.

Kami said...

Looks like so much fun!

Ryan Nelson said...

What!? Am I so wrapped up in my own little world right now that I didn't even know about this trip!! So fun! So glad you guys got to go back! And actually now this is all ringing a bell, I remember you asking if this weekend would work but we already had our trip planned... sad! Seriously wish we could have made trip here together! So glad you guys got to go and have such a fun time together!!