Sunday, February 24, 2013

More February Happenings

February can be such a long, dreary month, but this year that has not been the case! There has been a lot going on this month and lots of fun visitors. Christian and Julie and their kids were here last weekend.
Jansen and Kyle are just a couple weeks apart in age. I still remember announcing that Julie and I were pregnant and also blessing these little guys together.

And now look at them! And such great friends too. This was on the way home from a fun morning at the park.

Saturday night we ate at one of Julie's favorites - Dima's. I've been there twice with her now and love it too!

 I had to throw in a then and now picture of these two girls as well.

I loved watching them giggle and run off together all weekend.

I'm so lucky to have such a great sister in law!

On President's Day we went on a hike at Red Rock. Everybody did great.

We took a little nap break in the afternoon and then headed to the Strip. Christian and Julie brought their exchange student to Vegas, and we wanted to show him the sights, sounds, and lights of this crazy city. We mostly hung around the Bellagio and watched the fountain show.

Julie asked me at some point if I was happy to have a little break from so many visitors when we move to D.C. I said NO WAY! We love having people come. It was a great weekend.


Bethany said...

A couple things-a.) where's the then and now shot of you and your sister in law??
b.) I don't recall knowing that you were headed to DC. Ryan's got 2 cousins and their spouses there-if you ever run into Granges or DeCourseys, they're related. :) When do you go? Sorry if you've already posted about it and I missed it.

Nollie said...

So fun! It's crazy to see how much Jansen looks exactly like himself, even as a newborn. :)

The Nye's said...

Jess, that was too fun!!! It was so nice there! It's just cold and no fun here without you! I LOVED the before pictures!! Soooo sweet! Thanks again for everything!! You really went above and beyond and we appreciate it so much!!!

Annie said...

You have always had lots of visitors, even in Columbus! I guess people just like you or something. Even though not ALL of them get to see the fountains when they come and visit. I guess that's just saved for important people. It's cool. I'm over it.