Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Emmy Lately

Some days she dresses up, and some days (like today) she spends a lot of time in just a diaper. She started out in real clothes this morning, but spending time in the sandbox and painting rocks with water resulted in clothes that needed to be removed. As of late, Emmy has been stealing my heart, making me laugh, and making me want to scream. Equal parts of each. As I whisked her up the stairs for her nap today she called to Natalie, "I will be back with you when I'm done with my nap. I love you Natalie!" That's a heart melter. Yesterday she told me she had a dirty diaper. I said, "Yeah, I can smell it." She replied, "Yeah, me too." Laughs. Then there's me wanting to scream because she wants to do everything by herself. This is fine, except that she usually doesn't tell me until AFTER I have done it for her. I open the car door. "IIIIII was going to open the door!!!" I close the book we have been reading. "IIIIII was going to close the book!!!" Natalie and Jansen have been using the words "dumb" and "stupid" a little too much lately (not at each other luckily), and she has started to pick up on those choice words as well. Bedtime is a fragile orchestration of blankets in the right position, certain stuffed animals in attendance, climbing into her crib on her own, and many other details that leave me shaking my head. But I love her soooo much.

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Anonymous said...

You are so lucky to have such great intertainment in a day!