Thursday, December 13, 2012

San Diego - Legoland

About a week ago, we met Nate's childhood buddy Pete along with his wife and kids in San Diego. We have been trying to meet up with them for a long time, and this turned out to be a perfect opportunity. We stayed at a nice hotel on the Navy base out there. It has it's own beach right behind it.

We arrived at the hotel around 11:30 pm on a Thursday night. It was a little crazy. The kids had slept just long enough in the car that they got their second wind. It took a while to settle everyone down, decide who got the top bunk, explain to Emmy why she couldn't sleep on the bunk beds, etc.

I had a headache the next morning from lack of sleep, but thankfully a couple ibuprofens is all it took to knock it out. We were so excited to go to Legoland! We get asked occasionally if Jansen and Natalie are twins...a man in the elevator with us that morning thought they were.

 We met Pete, his wife Ashley, their 3 kids, and Pete's parents at about 10 that morning at Legoland. We think it's a perfect place for our kids. There are virtually no lines, and even little ones like Emmy can go on a lot of the rides. 

They could have played in this little area for hours even though we have the same blocks at home. No crane though...we don't have the crane.

This was voted the favorite place in Legoland by the kids. Just one huge play area.

They had scenes from Star Wars made out of Legos. It's pretty incredible.

Nate and friends growing up in Seattle. I'm sad I don't have any pictures of his awesome wife Ashley. We had fun chatting and catching up.

Amazing right?

We did everything we wanted to at the park, and the weather was great. We ate a delicious dinner at a Thai restaurant that evening. Couldn't have asked for a better day! Bedtime was easy that night because the kids were so exhausted.


Monica said...

So fun! Loved seeing all of the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Can we trade now and I will be your child and go all the fun places?