Monday, December 10, 2012

Samaritan's Purse Family Night

Last Monday night Nate was at a Sports Medicine lecture, and I really didn't feel like trying to wrangle the kids through family home evening. We had to pass the hours till bedtime in some way though, so I decided to go for it. It ended up being a really special night.

I showed the kids some scenes from a documentary Nate and I had watched the other night called God Grew Tired of Us. We had really been moved by the show, and I could tell it made an impact on the kids to see the poor conditions in which some of God's children live. I got out the Samaritan's Purse catalog I had received earlier in the month and we went through it and talked about ways we can help others.

I really like using this "catalog" with the kids because it has pictures and descriptions with a dollar amount you can contribute. The kids went through and circled some things we could "buy" for less fortunate people.

At one point Natalie wasn't too keen on the idea of contributing money. She finally told me the reason...she was saving up to buy a picture of Jesus. It was so sweet, and I told her I actually had several in the garage she could choose from. (They were left over from a Relief Society gift last year.) The kids each chose one. Natalie melted my heart again when this weekend we were going to San Diego and she packed her picture.

Like I said, it ended up being a really special night and not as difficult as most family nights are. Emmy just had fun being a part of it all and dressing up. We love our Savior Jesus Christ so much, and all I want in life is for my children to follow Him.

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dear mom,

great post! I really like it! keep it up! basically, can you do a new post every 5 days?


Kent and Leisy said...

please- at least every five days.

those fhe's where we just sit and chat and I don't try to come up with anything elaborate- are always the best for us!

Anonymous said...

Saving up for a picture of Jesus. Who knew? So sweet. She's a multi-faceted kid that Natalie.

Kami said...

Oh my! You are the best mom! And I LOVE that Natalie packed her picture!!! So sweet!