Sunday, August 5, 2012


Boise was the meeting place this year for a reunion of sorts with Nate's family.
Everyone trickled in according to their work schedules, etc...but there was always someone to play with.
Natalie hadn't seen Kaeley in years, but that sure doesn't matter when you're 4 and 5. They were holding hands and squishing each other with hugs from the start.

We snapped a picture in front of Grandma and Grandpa Christiansen's before heading to a nearby park on our first full day in Boise. Kaeley and Braeden are so full of love, and we had a great time getting to know their sweet and fun personalities.

I love a man that will walk 5 children to a park by himself. I also love their little shadows.

It was hot in Idaho, so we spent some time finding fun things to do indoors. 

Not so hot that we stayed inside the whole time! Grandpa had a cool F-22 that they assembled and flew at the park. It got stuck on a roof at one point, and I will admit I enjoyed watching them with their ladder and other tools trying to rescue it.

Emmy having a moment to herself. We had a great time swimming at the neighborhood pool. I tried desperately to get some sun on my thighs, but they refuse to change color. 

After flying the F-22, Nate came to swim and was the life of the party.

We spent A LOT of time in the backyard...always a great place to make memories. Papa Tim pitched countless balls to Jansen here and at the park.

You can see in the background that a few balls were lost over fences.

Friday the boys golfed in the morning and the girls got mani pedis in the afternoon. I will be honest, I enjoyed the trashy shows that were on that I would never watch at home. I also enjoyed having my poor, cracked heels brought back to life. And especially enjoyed being with Athena, Kim, and Grandma.

Emily and Jason arrived Friday night, and it was wonderful to add a couple more people to the party. Christian arrived later that night with his kids after a loooong drive from Salt Lake that included a blown tire along the way. We were missing Julie who stayed in Salt Lake to get moved into their new home.

All the girlies.

And the handsome boys.

Of course we needed to take some family pictures while everyone was together. 

Definitely got some good ones.

The mother of the young girl in the middle making faces was completely oblivious to her daughter's antics. Sorry everyone. :)

Afternoon at the park...

It was HOT. 

Nate with his siblings...

You have to get a picture of cousins in the bathtub right? I know I have one somewhere of far too many of us jammed into my grandma's tub.

I remember thinking that night that the area below Natalie's eyes looked red. Not like a sunburn. After looking at family pictures and this one, I know why now.  

The next morning we packed up our stuff and started our trek back home.


Anonymous said...

That looked so fun! My little grandkids are so lucky to have so many people that love them and make their lives so great! Natalie and her little cousin sure look related. And I think Emmy and Brookie do too. Thanks for the blog it made me happy. Grandma Becca

Kami said...

Looks like so much fun! And be thankful for your white thighs... at least that's what my dermatologist would say.