Monday, August 13, 2012

A Little While Ago

These are all pictures from a couple weeks ago, but I wanted to include them on the blog. This little one is quickly approaching 2. I think she communicates better than Jansen or Natalie did at this age, so I am often tempted to try potty training her. She has some interest, and went to bed tonight with some My Little Pony underwear over her diaper. 

She happily goes to nursery, finally. She has improved drastically as far as leaving her with a babysitter goes. It's so nice to be able to leave on a date and not hear her screaming as we walk out the door.

We recently got Netflix and she has a new found love for Diego and Strawberry Shortcake. It's really funny, all 3 of my kids are loving the Strawberry Shortcake episodes right now. It's nice when they all want to watch the same thing.

A few weeks ago Nate had a Saturday off and the day was wide open. Rare and awesome. Except that one of his patients went into labor. He ended up being gone the entire day and part of the night. A few days later the sweet woman who had just had a baby gave Nate some gift cards for our family. She felt bad to have taken him away from his family for so long...and she also wanted to thank him for being such a great doctor. There were a couple gift cards to go to dinner and one for the BX (Base Exchange, a shopping store on base) with instructions for the kids to pick out a toy. They had so much fun picking out something new.

There were some great deals as well so I snagged a few extras. 

Our stake's annual Pioneer Day celebration was held at the end of July. Words cannot describe how hot it was. But maybe Jansen's face can.

There were games and activities...enough to keep us distracted from the temperature for about an hour.

We no longer buy sidewalk chalk.

Just a cute summer picture...we always get a lot of use out of cardboard boxes! Good thing I like to shop online. :) 


Tina said...

Oh my! That is super sweet of that woman to give Nate those gift cards. I would never of thought of doing that. I bet your kids were super excited!! How fun!

Kent and Leisy said...

those gift cards almost make up for nate being gone!! maybe they would have if they'd been to target :) I LOVE gift cards!!
after I had baby metta- I told Kent we were requesting to go to Vegas next just so I could have more help. But now that the bad stage is over- and I keep reading about how hot it is- I am reconsidering.

Melinda said...

First of all, don't potty train Emmy. It will make me feel inadequate, not to mention Sammi. :)
Second, why didn't you warn me about this residency crap? It's hard.