Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2nd Grade and Kindergarten

Jansen and Natalie have both been very excited to start school. Nothing but happy anticipation the last couple weeks. As Jansen was going to bed last night the emotions finally hit him though. He was sad that he wouldn't be with me all day, and that he couldn't have Annie's shells and cheese for lunch like we often do. There were some tears, but he finally fell asleep feeling okay about things.

Natalie woke up on her own about 6:15, and I had to wake Jansen up around 6:30. Last year we took our sweet time getting ready, eating breakfast, watching a cartoon, but this year it was all business. I didn't feel too hurried or stressed thankfully.

Here's Natalie in her first day glory, albeit with some legging issues:

Jansen was happier than he appears, but a little more reserved than usual.

A convincing thumbs up? 

After dropping Jansen off I took Natalie to kindergarten. I didn't cry or get emotional at all. That may have to do with the fact that she is done by 9:55. We still have the whole day to be together.

Natalie had a good day, but I think she was a little overwhelmed by all the rules. That first week of school is all about training the kids, so I think she will enjoy things much more as the weeks go on. I asked her if she liked her teacher and she said, "Yeah...but she's not the best." I have been impressed by her teacher so far, and I think it will be a great year.

Jansen bounded in the door after school today and said, "Mom, 2nd grade is great!" I was so happy. I can hardly believe he is in 2nd grade. That is the grade that I taught for a year, and I was pregnant with Jansen the last half of the year. To look at where we are now just boggles my mind.


Kami said...

So cute! Love Jansen's hair cut. He looks legit! Can't believe he's in 2nd grade either. Wow!

Tina said...

Wow! Kinder only goes until 9:55? That's crazy to me since Jacob goes from 7:40-2:40. I didn't cry yesterday either. It must be something about the second child. I knew he was ready and I've been ready for him all summer... :) I'm glad Jansen had a great day too.

Anonymous said...

Jansen always has a good attitude. It makes me so happy that he likes school. I can't wait to get there and pick Natalie's mind about the first week of school.

Annie said...

They look so cute. How have our kids grown so quickly? It seems like only yesterday Jansen would come over for play group. He was tiny and now he's in second grade. Well I hope they love it and have a great year.