Sunday, July 8, 2012


Well, we have more swim lessons under our belt. For one reason or another my kids aren't real "fish" in the water, but they have improved SO much. We did 3 weeks of lessons this year with Miss Sandy, and the kids loved her. They still can't swim in the deep end, but they are very comfortable going under water now and can float, etc.

Jansen got really good at sit dives.

 They used goggles every day this year, and I think that really helped them feel more confident under water.

For the first few lessons Emmy just sat on my lap, and we watched Jansen and Natalie swim. It was so nice. But she slowly came out of her shell, and we spent most of the 3 weeks exploring Miss Sandy's backyard.

Always an Otter Pop after swimming. And always snarls in Natalie's hair.

The kids miss their teacher already. Hopefully we'll take lessons from her again next summer.

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Anonymous said...

They need a few lessons from Miss Lexi. Maybe on your way to Idaho? So glad they are learning to swim. And Natalie looks like she is in heaven in the picture of her in the water with goggles. I have worn that same expression while laying in the water in the summer. I actually went swimming on the 4th! Forgot how much I miss it.