Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Happy 4th

Nate started celebrating the holiday a little early. He left at 9:30 pm on July 3rd and hiked Mt. Charleston all night with his buddy Brett. They got home about 12 hours later with bloodshot eyes, sore knees, and foggy brains. They had a great time, but really pushed themselves to the limit with that hike!

He slept most of the morning, and the kids and I ran errands and prepared food. Jansen and Natalie also had their swim lessons at 9:30. The real fun began at 4 when the Comins showed up...

 Thank goodness we have holidays to bring us together because our busy lives keep us apart most of the time! And at some point in the evening, Natalie put on her swimsuit.

 And Emmy put on Natalie's shoes.

 Oh this guy just stole my heart. 

 Getting excited about the fireworks.

 I'm still confused about why we did the fireworks on the pool...I mean, I know the grass wasn't an option but whatever.
 Happy end to our evening. Then we turned up the fans and sound machines and prayed the kids would sleep through all the illegal fireworks going off in the wonderful city that is North Las Vegas.


kiki comin said...

epic fireworks display it was. thanks for the fun evening.:)i am still laughing at maizies pic.

Monica said...

LOVED seeing this pictures! Maxwell is so cute and looks so much like his siblings. Glad that you guys had fun.. and a little jealous we couldn't join you! :)

Michelle said...

GREAT pics! Looks like you had a super fun 4th!

Anonymous said...

I turned on fans, the TV up to it's loudest and still had Moose sitting on top of me during all the illegal fire works set off in my neighborhood, and still happening 5 days later? What the heck. They obviously don't have a nurotic chocolate lab. And he was shaking and sitting on me even with the drugs I got from the vet! One night I seriously put him in the bathroom and turned on the bath water just to calm him down. Fun times. Love, mom.