Friday, July 20, 2012


I had a strange sore throat for a few days...strange because it REALLY hurt, but only a small portion of my throat was affected. Looks like I passed it on. Emmy has had a fever, and her throat is really sore too. I can tell because the few times I have gotten her to eat anything she cries out in pain as she swallows. Nights have been especially rough. 

It doesn't get sweeter than this. Natalie brought this note over to Emmy while I was snuggling with her in the rocking chair.
"I love you Emmy you're my favorite baby please get well Emmy"

Now this one's not feeling so hot. 

And Natalie melts my heart again with this message on an envelope to a friend:

We had these for dinner the other night and really enjoyed them. They are Costco's hot turkey and provolone sandwiches. Always have to pass on easy, tasty recipes!


Tina said...

Being sick stinks. We just went through the works over here as well. I hope everyone feels better soon! :)

Kent and Leisy said...

are those just costco ingredients? no fancy recipe, right? I can't wait for a town with a costco! we've been costcoless for five years!!!