Thursday, May 3, 2012

When Left Alone in a Room

Sometimes I can leave my children alone in a room and great things happen. 
 Other times, lipstick happens.
 And it happens all over poor polar bear and elephant. I don't know, perhaps there was a fundraiser for the zoo that night and this is animal evening wear. We'll never know because plastic animals don't talk. They're still in a bag in my room waiting to be scrubbed clean by the perpetrator.
***to be fair to Jansen, this was an all-Natalie event***


Melinda said...

Those evil pink eyes are kind of creepy. Maybe you should get them scrubbed sooner rather than later.

Gazdik Family said...

Gosh, can I borrow your kids and put them in a room alone? I need some unconstructed creativity to flow in my house!! So love them for that!!

Anonymous said...

I think they are lovely. I will bring more lipstick next time I come. Love ya.