Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Epic Sunday Air Battles

There are paper airplanes scattered all over my house.

Nate taught Jansen a new folding technique for paper airplanes and boy has he been practicing. Sunday afternoon we had an epic Sunday air battle...I believe those were Jansen's exact words. This included several trips into the vacant yard behind our house to retrieve aberrant planes.

 Natalie already has Mother's Day on the brain, and she was so excited to make me some juice as a gift. I noticed her sneaking around the kitchen and came to find out she was gathering fruit to make a drink for me. This was a delicate situation. We certainly couldn't throw her collection (pictured below) in the blender and hope for the best...but we definitely wanted to let her carry out her thoughtful plan. She surprised me later with a concoction Nate helped her create. 


Annie said...

Jansen means business in that first picture. And how sweet of natalie to be thinking of what a wonderful mother you are this early!
Aberrant is a big word by the way. Real big.

Britt said...

I concur. Aberrant is a very big word. Whew.

I appreciate your efforts to delicately help Natalie carry out her service to you. Sometimes I fail in that category because I'm only thinking about the mess I will likely clean up.

Shyler has taught our children to make super fast, lethal, airplanes, as well. For the past few months I have nearly faced my death by way of pointy paper airplanes lodged in my cranium.

Anonymous said...

I love these little nothing big blogs. Makes me feel a part of things and you will be sooo glad of course in the future. Tell Nate his lawn is looking awesome! Despite my having laid on it and taking up half the new lawn seed.

Annie O said...

Cute kids! Who woulda thought?
Keep up the good work third triplet born to other parents.

Nannie Annie

The Nye's said...

I love it!! That sounds all too familiar. I cringe when I think of how many trees have been killed so my kids could stay out of my hair for a minute and make paper airplanes. In my defense, I have recycled ever one of them!!

Tina said...

Little girls are so funny. I have already received a very tall paper hat from Cloey that says, "Happy Mother's Day" on it and was told I will be wearing it all day long on Mother's Day. Hmmm... I don't think that's appropriate for church. I think it's a cute thought though!