Friday, February 24, 2012


Tonight Jansen said our family prayer. This was a line from his prayer:
"Please help Natalie to continue to believe in you (Heavenly Father) and Jesus."

After he finished, Natalie blew up. "I do believe in Jesus!!! Why did you say that?!"

Jansen says, "That's why I said 'continue' to."

Oh boy, I laughed.


The other night Nate was on the phone and he was telling his mom about his work schedule. At one point he said, "...but other than that, I'm pretty flexible."

I heard Jansen say quietly, "You don't want to brag. Dad, don't brag."

I didn't understand why he would say that, so I said, "Jansen, he's not bragging."

Jansen then says, "Well he said he was pretty flexible."


Anonymous said...

Funny. Coming Soon. Ya!

Annie said...


Monica said...

Laughing over here! He says the funniest things!! So hilarious.

kiki comin said...

i. love. jansen. the end.:)

Adam Marchant said...
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Meggin said...

I am seriously laughing out loud. That is awesome!

Heather said...

ha! classic!

cheeks said...

he is the funniest kid!! i still remember brett telling me about jansen in nursery one day....I guess he was really getting into his coloring and brett said "wow jansen, you're really going to town with that blue, huh?!" Then a while later, he looked up at brett with his coloring and said "i'm really going to town with this yellow one now!"

Kami said...

Hahahaha! This post made me laugh out loud! Haha! Jansen is so great!