Monday, February 20, 2012

Chews. Or Shoes.

Chews is how Emmy says it. 
And she'll take them any way she can get them. Big, small, boots, sandals, mine, Jansen's. She just likes to wear them.

 I too love shoes. These are my new $5.99 sandals. The toenails need some attention, and the legs need some color, but I am loving the shoes.


Anonymous said...

Those are cute. I wish sandal time would come soon here. Emmy is such a beautiful little shoe diva! Remember those toy high heels Lexi wore everywhere? Their calves look so cute in them.

Monica said...

So cute! And jealous you get to wear sandals right now. :) Emmy is ADORABLE!!!!!! Love those pics of her wearing your shoes.

kiki comin said...

love her. and don't wish that tan on too soon. i'm enjoying spring in february!:)