Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I wanted to post some leftover pictures from the camera.

I finally took Jansen and Natalie to their first dentist appointments. I actually had one as well, and all three of us were being seen at the same time. They kids did great. Jansen got some sealants, and there were no cavities. After looking at Jansen's xrays, the doctor said one of his teeth had the biggest nerve he had ever seen. Hopefully we won't ever have to do any work on that tooth.

 Emmy getting all dolled up...
 It was a Kripsy Kreme morning one day last week. I really regret my choices though. We should have just gotten their original glazed.
 As I'm looking at this picture I'm realizing that's the same bag of almonds we've been eating all week.  After being dumped on the floor. Oh well. I've never been one to boast of my clean floors, so we'll just have to watch and see if anyone gets violently ill.


Michelle said...

So funny! We've all eaten some things that have ended up in strange places! I'm impressed that your kids did so well at the dentist. I need to take Weston and Sophie. I would be interested what dentist you took them to and if you recommend him/her?

Annie said...

Almonds are freaking expensive! I would have totally picked them up and continued eating them. 10 second rule anyways. Your kids are cute by the way.