Tuesday, January 17, 2012


The kids fight about who gets to sit by Emmy at dinner. I have no idea why, the girl is a tornado and constantly grabs for their cups and forks even if she has her own. In no uncertain terms is she ever allowed to have spaghetti again. And blueberry muffins have been ousted from her dining choices. As for cornbread and rice, we won't even go there. She honestly doesn't eat much unless it's something I put in her mouth as she's walking around during the day. That's how I feed her. A bite here, a bite there. I will eventually help her understand the error in her thinking, but for now, food's just not a priority. Unless the goal is to crush it, smash it, crumble it and then drop it. 

Thankfully, she loves her bib. These bibs cost like $10, but I love them so much, and I can put them in the washing machine. I just barely threw one away that we've had for probably 4 years.

Natalie pretty much insists on saying the prayer every night. I'm glad she likes to. Emmy has started "folding her arms." What it looks like is little hands resting beneath her chin. Since she has no interest in eating her food, she likes to feed it to everyone else. Here, have a bite:


Britni Watkins said...

I love those bibs! We have the same one :) That's cute they fight to sit next to their little sis.

Anonymous said...

I would sit by Emmy if she would let me.