Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Natalie does not like having her hair washed. Thus, Nate and I do not like washing her hair. One night last week Nate got creative and told Natalie if she let him wash her hair, she could wash his.
 I got this idea off Pinterest. The big metal pan in the picture is an oil drip pan for cars. You can get them for about $10 at Wal-Mart, and they work fabulously as a big magnet board.
 The kids are really into Nutrition Facts lately. Natalie only cares because Jansen does. Protein is especially important to them because they equate it with having big muscles. Jansen can tell you how many grams of protein are in each of the foods that he eats often. 
 We have been waiting for this for so long! Jansen knocked his top front teeth out when he was 2, and his permanent ones are finally growing in. 


Kendra said...

Maddie knocked one of her front ones out when she was 2 also! It just grew in and she it 8 :)

Kati said...

That's funny that you mention Jansen knowing the nutrition facts about his food because, the other day when I was at the school having lunch with my Jantzen, your Jansen told me how many grams of protein were in his pb&j sandwich...I thought it was so cute! He always makes me laugh when I have a conversation with him at school.

Kent and Leisy said...

zeb loves checking out the protein grams on his food. so funny. he calls them 'proteins'.

stevenellie said...

I love the nutrition fact obsession. Too cute.