Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Aviation Nation 2011

Our afternoon at the airshow this year was wonderful. Steve and Jody were in town...they were able to come with us last year as well. I guess it's becoming a tradition! In the morning, Nate and his dad went birding in Henderson with kids. After that, we headed to the base.
This was Emmy at the airshow last year.
Can you even believe what happened in about 365 days? 
I had to include this picture because it's so ridiculous. We were trying to have a picture taken of all of us, but  I felt like we were holding up the crowd. I get really uncomfortable in situations like that, so I jumped up and told the man, "It's ok! Never mind! We'll get a picture later!" And he caught me on camera doing it.
He told me, "Those people can wait!" 
And forced me to go back and have our picture taken.
I don't care how old you are, your gender, race, interests, income...you can't tell me these things aren't cool.
Such a happy afternoon.
Jansen was in heaven. We got Natalie a pass to play in the bounce houses, so I would say she really enjoyed herself as well.


Kendra said...

That looks awesome. My kids would love that. Next year!!

So I need your cute clothing style. I love your cute outfit except it wouldn't look cute on me just yet {I still need to loose 15 lbs, but when I do I am coming to Vegas and you are going to shop for me :)

Ryan, Becca, Brinley Boo AND Casen too! said...

Oh goodness, so so fun! I am glad it was such a beautiful day and that you had a great time! I wish I wouldn't have been gone this weekend, because Casen would of loved this. So sad. Maybe we will see you there next year :)

Anonymous said...

Referring to the picture of Emmy, it's incredible how they grow/ That little muppet is so full of life, it cracks me up.

Kami said...

You are such a HOTTIE! Oh my heck! I LOVE your outfit! Those pants are SO cute! And I love that vest and the belt and the whole ensemble!