Friday, June 17, 2011

Curious Hands and Imaginative Minds

I've got the years 2007 and 2008 of my blog turned into books and am working on 2009. As I've been putting these together and rereading my posts, it has helped me realize what types of entries are most memorable and fun to look back on. I discovered that I love the little details. You forget them so quickly, but just a few details can bring back floods of other memories. I think I want to change the way I blog just a little...perhaps make it more journal-like. As if no one else is ever going to read it but me. (Well, you know, something like that). We'll see. 

Emmy sure hogs the spotlight on here a lot lately. But she's changing so fast! She has such curious hands. She loves to grab my earrings and other jewelry. If I am wearing studs, she easily rips them out. Thankfully it's more annoying than painful. And I guess she loves the texture of blackberries because she squishes them in her fist before putting them in her mouth. She doesn't really do that with other food. She used to be an amazing eater, but she seems to have really slowed down. If I need a spare moment I will dump a bunch of Sonic ice on her high chair tray and let her play and eat till it all melts or she's freezing.
I'm so grateful Emmy loves Nate. She won't really go to anyone besides him without protesting loudly. He is so good about lugging her around while he changes after work, cleans up the backyard, and YES, shaves. The other day the deacons had a service project and I really wanted him to stay home. We came to the deal that he would take Emmy. Later one of the other leaders told me I should have seen Nate shoveling rock with one hand while he held Emmy in the other. That guy. I love him.
Oh Natalie. I can't wait to see where her imagination takes her in life. This bird is a home decor piece, but Natalie likes to play with it every once in awhile. She took some little half chewed pieces of carrot and placed them by the bird because they are her babies. You can see the band-aid on her finger...she is obsessed with them lately. She loves to put them anywhere and everywhere on her body and is convinced she needs one anytime she gets hurt. I think I'll do what a friend of mine does and give her some packs for her birthday!


Annie said...

You do know that if I would have stayed around just a bit longer I would have totally won that Emmy over. I swear I came THIS close.

Anonymous said...

What I love about Natalie. She is a born nurturer. She feeds the birds, dresses her animals and puts them to bed all tucked in. She is always worried that everybody has enough and a fair amount and is happy. She will always give in to make everybody happy. She's a peacemaker for sure. Grandam Becca