Monday, June 20, 2011

Annie's {far too short} Visit

It's awful when you don't know the next time you'll see a wonderful friend. After my girls' trip to Ohio, I was thinking it would be quite awhile before I would get to see Annie again. Thankfully it was just a few months later. I zoomed up to St. George and picked her and the girls up and got to spend the evening chatting (with Kiki too!) and watching our kids pick up right where they left off. All you need for a fabulous night is a comfortable couch and great company.

When we left Ohio these two were a little too young to really "play" together. They've grown a lot, and they had a great time pretending and playing. A big thank you to Natalie for always showing her true self.
Cuteness x 4 right here:
We drove them to the airport for an early flight out of here and once again are left wondering exactly when we can meet up again. We'll make it happen. Sooner than later. Mark my words.


Annie said...

It was such a wonderful visit. Thank you so much for having us. The kids are still talking about. And yes, still listening to the Zach Brown Band.

Monica said...

Soooo JEALOUS! But, so fun to see the pictures and am happy you guys could get together!

Kami said...

So fun!

kiki comin said...

SUCH a fun night. So glad you guys could work that all out.:)