Friday, April 1, 2011

Their Lives Are Complete

And to think I thought they needed love, nourishment, shelter, and safety.
All they actually needed was a sandbox! I think their lives are officially complete.

It's in the shade most of the day and that area of the backyard wasn't getting used at all...this was the perfect spot.
Someday maybe these kids will know that their dad worked for 12 hours, came home and put them to bed, ran to Lowe's right before they closed, and worked on completing their sandbox when he could have been sleeping. Should have been sleeping in fact...5 am comes very quickly.
Other additions to the backyard include this tree and a hummingbird feeder. I think Nate's life will be complete when the birds start coming.
As for me, I guess you already know that mine's complete. Cute kids, great husband, and wonderful friends.
Can't ask for much more.


Lindsey said...

So great of Nate. Cannon would live in a sandbox if he could!

Hearthandmade said...

i remember having a sandbox! Your blog is the sweetest

Gazdik Family said...

Sun, sand and a palm tree in your back yard? Has anyone told you the weather we have been having in Ohio lately? I also love the picture of your bedroom and 6 mon. pictures of all your kids.

Anonymous said...

Every child should have a sandbox and every mother should get back all those kitchen gadgets that end up there. They look like they are having such fun, makes my heart happy.

Leavitt Family said...

The bird feeder reminds me of our childhood.

Janelle said...

Super sweet Nate! What a GREAT daddy!!! I may come and join them in the sandbox one of these days. Hope all is going well!