Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Girls' Trip

Many months ago some friends and I had a crazy and seemingly impossible idea. A girls' trip back to Ohio!
After we really got to talking about it, things just fell into place and before I knew it I had a weaned baby and a ticket back to Hilliard. Nate took some vacation time to watch the kids while I was gone.

Annie was thoughtful, gracious, and kind enough to celebrate my birthday the night we arrived. I think I will be putting Heath bar on top of my brownies for the rest of my life. That and a little extra oil are the secret to delicious brownies.
I honestly think if I added up all the hours we spent sitting in Annie's living room just talking and laughing it would equal 15 or so. It's never enough though. We had to call it quits at 2 am every night so that we would be able to drag ourselves out of bed the next morning.
Oh how I miss all these girls (and MANY others not pictured.) I spent many hours in this gym on rainy or snowy Columbus days just letting the kids run around to get some energy out.
We had dinner at Ruby Tuesday's one night and then hit Old Navy for a sale on clearance items. Because that's pretty much how all of us's gotta be on sale!
Saturday was a dream come true. Here we are at Jason's Deli. We just did whatever we felt like whenever we felt like it for the whole day. Since we're all mothers, that NEVER happens.
There are some fun shops in downtown Powell that we perused. Perhaps our favorite may have been this bead shop that is also home to the kitty cat pictured below. I'm a high schooler at heart. And a crazy one at that...thus the picture. 
And Annie is a flamingo lover at heart. She thought the cat was irritating her eyes. I think the redness and swelling came from this flamingo.
Rita's. They best get one in Las Vegas real quick like. It's so delicious.
Something special happens when you go through so many life experiences with someone. I have celebrated holidays with these girls, cried during heartaches, gone through pregnancies with them, mourned deaths, hosted parties, raised children, explored cities, created/decorated/cooked, felt poor, strengthened faith in God, and laughed and smiled A LOT.
These are friends I will have for a lifetime for sure. Kara you are missing in this one! Already on your way back to Cincinnati.
On our way to the airport we stopped to see Noah's grave. It was a beautiful warm day. I don't regret for a minute having him buried there. It just feels right.
We're definitely thinking we need to have a girls' trip EVERY year. Will someone please tell Nate for me? 


Kara said...

I'm just sad that i missed noah's grave, what was i thinking agreeing to teach someone else's primary was so hard to leave and now I miss all you girls even more.

Tina said...

Oh Wow Jess!! What a wonderful trip and what great friends you have! I hope you can get your girl's trip every year.

Monica said...

I will tell him!! We so need to do this every year. This trip was just what I needed. I love you girls so much. And I love Ohio. It doesn't get much better than that.

kiki comin said...

Dear Nate,
Will you please let your wife host the girls trip next year...and will you take a few days off, so she can?!:)

I LOVE YOU GIRLS!:) such a fun trip.

Annie said...

It really was such a great time even if I look pregnant in one of the pictures and puffy eyed joe in another one. Thanks for coming to see me. It meant the world to me.

cheeks said...

it was good to see you for a bit! you girls are so much fun! I think a girls trip is soooo needed for mommy's....they are refreshing and rejuvenating....and what mom doesn't need that?!

Kent and Leisy said...

is that a real live flamingo?! it looks like you had such a good time!!