Tuesday, April 26, 2011

7 Months With This Gal

I am smiling as I write this post. Emmy is about 7 months.

There is something about Emmy...I can't quite put it into words, but maybe you see it too...that just makes me smile. To me, her eyes sparkle and her personality is full of sunshine.

She is so ready to be moving, and crawling is in her very near future. She still adores her brother and sister. I have a hard time getting her to drink her bottle when they are around because she gets so excited when she sees or hears them. She's in a bad habit of pooping at 5 in the morning. I remember that Jansen did that too. It seems like in one week she doubled the amount of hair she had, and hopefully that will continue.

Can't wait to see what the next few months bring Miss Emmy!


Annie said...

She really is such a beautiful child. Her eyes are just so expressive. I love it.

Also I hope you know your adult easter egg hunt was not the same without iron man underwear. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

There is something special about this little one. And she is such a snuggler. She lets me kiss her neck and she even smiles about it sometimes. She seems just happy to be part of whatever is going on. And then there's those ankles..Love you Emmy. Grandma Becca

Kyle and Janel said...

Her eyes are something else...they totally sparkle and are just gorgeous! You have a beautiful family! I am glad things are going so well in Vegas.

Monica said...

She is sooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley M said...

So does seem like a little ball of light! Hugs Emmy!