Sunday, March 6, 2011

We Lost One, We Grew One

Jansen informed me that he had a loose tooth a couple weeks ago.
And now it's gone.
He and I were playing in the family room and he was biting his blanket...I grabbed at the blanket and pulled and WHOOSH out flies the tooth. His face is covered in Nutella, but here's his grin that's minus a bottom baby tooth now.
When he woke up the next morning he thought the tooth fairy had forgotten to come. (She did forget. Parental failure at it's worst.) But I rushed in the room (with the money tucked in my hand) and showed him that the money was actually IN his pillowcase and the tooth fairy must have decided to leave that tooth for him to keep since it was his first one. (Phew)
We're not feeling the loss much though...because Emmy got a tooth!


Annie said...

Look at that cute smile. These kiddos sure are growing up fast. We miss Jansen!

Tina said...

Oh how fun!!! You totally came through with the whole tooth fairy thing! Wow!! I'm so worried that will happen with at least one of my kids. Cloey can't wait to loose a tooth. She's always coming up to us telling us one is loose but alas, they are not!

Gazdik Family said...

Good, cause for a sec., I thought I was seeing blood all over his chin.... My kids grew up thinking that Tooth Fairies had more Tooth Fairy National Holidays than good old USA!!

Kami said...

Nice recovery. Well done my friend.

Traci said...

Very nice recovery, I will have to remember that trick, we've have parental failures two nights in a row and blamed it on the weather! lol