Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Beauty of Las Vegas

The beauty of Las Vegas: frequent visitors.
My mom came for a few days and my cousins stopped in to break up their drive home from Disneyland. A little pressure being the tail end of a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth! How can I compete?

I'm thankful that some of the most treasured relationships in life are unaffected by time and distance. A grandma is a grandma no matter how far away she lives or how often she is able to come visit. Even a 5 1/2 month old knows that.
A couple other beauties of Las Vegas:
Love that little peek.
And some people are such a part of your past that they will always be a part of your future. These gals have been there from the day I was born. When I spend time with them it's like wrapping up in a warm familiar blanket. And watching TV. With ice cream. Two flavors.
I took a gamble and bought a Tom & Jerry movie for $5 at Target. I knew the kids would either love it or hate it. They love it. Jansen laughs so hard. The kind of laugh that you can hear all through the house and you just break into a grin yourself.
***written by Jansen*** Jansen natalie and Jansens 2 Cousins are behind the small sofa/couch showing their stuf and the stuf is toy horses!!!
I wish I had taken the time to corral everyone together for a picture, but these girls were so sweet to my kids and played and played with them.
I'm already getting a little nervous for our next move. Sure it's over two years away, but I know we won't get this many visitors! I'm going to have to start planning the bribery.


Anonymous said...

No bribes needed. You guys make it fun! Miss you. The mom.

Melonie said...

We've only been here a month and we are already getting the idea that we will have lots of visitors too! My mom is here now and we have cousins coming this weekend and more family coming next weekend. Looking forward to seeing you guys!

Shane's Angie said...

Bribery? No. Icecream? Yes. Graeters. I prefer the chocolate berry concoction we snarfed after our trip to Smiths and my hotel. Our stop off to see you guys was one of the best parts of the trip!! Oh, and just so you know, I already read one of the magazines you gave me literally cover to cover. It was delightful. Should I not mention that most of this reading happens while on the toilet? Tacky? Oh, sorry.

Kami said...

So fun! I love when Jansen writes the captions.