Sunday, March 20, 2011


 We owe a fabulous Friday night all to Nate and his spontaneous ideas. After finishing up dinner and tossing around some ways of how to spend the rest of the evening, Nate suggested we go on a family bike ride. We tried strapping Emmy into the seat we have that attaches to the back of his bike, but she did not like it. I think someday she will. She wasn't in the best mood. We decided to invite our friends the Scows and I would put Emmy to bed (the cure for a bad mood) and Nate could take the kids. Julie Scow hung around with me and we chatted and ate ice cream sandwiches while the boys corralled the kids to McDonald's to get ice cream. It feels good to be making some fun memories of Las Vegas.


Nollie said...

Wow, that's the hippest-looking McDonald's I've ever seen! When I was little the one nearest us had the classic big red booths, a giant plastic tree whose roots you could sit on, and a ginormous picture of Ronald McDonald painted on the wall next to it.

Laney said...

Do those pictures mean that your husband took the camera with him and took pictures of the evening?! That's one fantastic husband.