Thursday, March 17, 2011


That's how our St. Patrick's Day went.
The must-celebrate-the-holiday mother guilt hit me like tidal wave last night, so I ran to Smith's. For breakfast we had Fruit Loops and cantaloupe. Fruit Loops are rainbow colors you know. Natalie wouldn't eat them.

As part of their lunch I served up store bought Jell-O with pineapples in it. Neither would partake. And later I decided to take a little bite. Yuckers.

And dinner had some broccoli in the lineup. Because it's green.

And that's it. I have to laugh about it all now.

Emmy's had a fever and hasn't been acting like herself, so we laid low most of the day. Natalie, Emmy, and I made a trip to Michael's where I listened to mother after mother scold her children and speak demeaning words to them. It makes me wonder if I sound like that and just don't realize it. I hope not. I hated hearing it.
The photographer here is the only child not pictured. Miss Natalie.
It was yet another night of putting the kids to bed by myself...but on Saturday I won't be...going to Celine Dion!!!


Anonymous said...

So funny, I remember running around looking for a scrap of paper that was green to pin on you guys because I forgot the whole green holiday, so look how much better you are doing than me. By the way, I have never heard you talk to kids in anything but respectful tones, and I love you for it. Have fun at the concert!

Annie said...

You really shouldn't see me with my kids at Walmart then. It brings out the worst in me.

Lara said...

You're kids are too cute! Glad you had a fun St. Patty's.

P.S. I am SO jealous you are going to Celine Dion...she is one of my favs!

Monica said...

Oh Jessica. You are such a cute mom! Seriously. I don't know what my problem was this year. I didn't even realize it was St. Patricks day until I dropped Aiden off at preschool realizing he wasn't wearing green!! I really need to get with the St. Patrick day program next year. :)