Thursday, October 21, 2010

Little Minds

I think one of the greatest perks of motherhood is seeing and hearing all the funny workings of my kids' little minds. I love this note Jansen wrote to Nate...
"Do you have a rock collection Dad I love you a big amount 10000000 percent loving"

And this line of stuff starting in the hall and leading into his room. A birthday present for his dad was at the end of the trail.
But he didn't want Nate to have it before his birthday, so he made a wall.
And Natalie. Who wouldn't want to join this raucous bunch on their joyride?


kiki comin said...

SOO cute. When Natalie had her car here..she had quite the group in it then as well!:)

Anonymous said...

Oh that is the sweetest note and I love the "wall" he put up. Too funny!

kristie said...

hahahaha..seriously. you're blog always gets me laughing. i LOVE how you see the humor in life.


Gazdik Family said...

Can I order one cute hippo and a side order of a note...?