Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Her World

She is my collector, explorer, and creator.

She plays really well on her own...this is a huge blessing right now since Emmy demands so much of our time.
The backyard is her little world.

A part of me cringes every time she tears a hole in her pants, loses her bow, or has sidewalk chalk all over her shirt. But deep down I know that the dirt is worth it and that I can find more clearance pants at Target.

Because she is happy.
A nest. Obviously.
Well used supplies.
Another nest. Obviously. Must be a 4 bedroom. 
Can't wait to see what she comes up with next.


Gazdik Family said...

So love you for loving your kids' creative mess!!

Kami said...

Natalie is so you! Can't wait to see her out on the soccer field or on the basketball court. Love you. Miss you.

kiki comin said...

it could've been a double wide. believe me, half the trailers in my town looked just like that nest. :)

Annie said...

Oh sweet Natalie. I agree with SE. She really is SO you. I want to have her come play at my house. She can collect seeds with Julia.

Monica said...

Sofie and I miss that cute Natalie. I swear those two little girls really do think alike. Just yesterday at the park, Sofie made a birds nest so similar to that! Oh and did you get a hair cut? It is so adorable.

Monica said...

hahaha.. although you do in fact look like Natalie.. I was referring to "her" rather than you considering that wasn't you in the photo.

Anonymous said...

Natalie's my soul mate. She always laughs at my dumb jokes we call eachother muggers. Miss everybody already.

Tina said...

So jealous! My kids are always so dependant upon me and can't be outside unless I'm out there with them. I wish they had a little Natalie in both of them!!

Kati said...

Kids are so creative, I love it! I wish I could be young again and enjoy life the way they do.