Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Something Else We Did

We had big plans to go hiking last Saturday, but the rain rain rain came down down down so we drove drove drove out to Dayton to visit the Air Force Museum. Monica took most of these pictures...the nice looking ones are from her camera...the rest are from mine.

Where's Waldo? Can you find me?
Lunch was next on the agenda, so we stopped for pizza at a fun place called Dewey's.
Here's why the kids enjoyed it:
4 very cute people:
Not sure what we are going to do this Saturday, but the Saturday after that we will be on our way to Illinois as we make our way to Vegas!


Annie said...

How does it make you feel that neither me or my family are in any of the recent posts you have posted?

Tina said...

It is coming so close!!! How do you feel about that?

Jacob went NUTS when he saw all the planes. I'm thinking we need to go see that... talk about us drive, drive, driving a LONG way!

Melinda said...

Stop it! Tell me it's not true that you'll be gone so soon. I don't want to hear about it. :(

Becca said...

I think you should wear the waldo shirt and be somewhere in the pictures from now on. Just a fun little games for your readers. (you actually look quite cute.)