Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The REAL Truth About Kiki's Visit

This post was mostly created for Kiki's husband, Ben, and her sweet children, Booker, Lincoln, and Maizie. I just wanted to let them know the REAL truth about Kiki's trip out here. It's only fair. While she missed each of you dearly, it was quite apparent to me that what she longed for most was the responsibilities at home like laundry, cleaning, cooking, and paying bills. You will see lots of smiles in these photos, but don't be fooled.

We had a heck of a time convincing her to come with us to historic downtown Powell on a sunny day and to look in cute, cute shops and buy a couple things and eat muffins. She just wanted to stay at my house and go over the family finances on her laptop.
She's smiling here, but it's not real. She misses her stain remover and her mop.
You should have seen us trying to get her to come to Jeni's so we could eat this: Brown Butter Almond Brittle: based on the traditional Norwegian dessert krokan. Browned butter gives depth to salty, sweet almond brittle. It was like pulling teeth. She insisted that there were socks that needed to be mated and pots to be scrubbed.
Ben, I really truly hoped that this picture from her trip would not surface. For reasons I will not go into here, and under circumstances beyond my control, it is appearing in this post. You will see what appears to be a very attractive man in the bushes. It was simply a moment of weakness on Kiki's part --- a moment of seduction --- I want you to know that I was there though and NOTHING HAPPENED.

I don't have pictures of all the events, but one night we went to dinner at Figlio's and I just KNOW she was miserable having to eat authentic Italian fare, engaging in only adult conversation, having someone cook her meal and clean her dishes. It was painful to watch.

One night we even gathered at my house and ate chocolate covered strawberries and potato chips and lounged on the couch, just us girls. Poor Kiki, she just had this look in her eyes all night long that said, "I just wish I could clean up dinner right now and then bathe my kids and then brush their teeth and then make them go to bed and then pick up the house instead of sit here and talk and eat food with my girlfriends."

You want to know the kicker? It about killed her to sit through a sacrament meeting with her only responsibility being to hold sweetness known as Bexley. She longed to dig through a bag to find something to quiet a crying child or to run someone out in the hall before piercing screams filled the chapel.

I'm hoping someday, somehow, I can convince her to take a girls' trip again. I just don't know if it will happen though. Well, Kiki, I know I had fun anway! And remember how I told you that the laundry and dishes can wait...that they would be right where you left them (no offense Ben) when you got back? I was right wasn't I? :)


Kendra and Nate Wright Family! said...

Jess, you totally crack me up. I don't even know Kiki, but I am sure she had a blast with you. That is fun to have friends come visit. When you move to Vegas I think we need to have a girls weekend, that would be way fun!

P.S who is that in the bushes.

Annie said...

Clever post my friend. Clever indeed. It was such a fun time, even though I only got to go to a few things, I enjoyed every single one of them.

kiki comin said...

you ARE spot on. i longed to clean, organize and discipline...too bad you made it the best weekend ever.thanks for putting that forbidden picture in the lineup..and that man is the skinniest man i have EVER seen! ...and i agree with kendra..lets have a girls weekend in vegas..everyday! haha!:)LOVE YA.

Meg said...

LOVE it.. for me other than laughing hysterically at your comments... I loved seeing POWELL!! I heart that area.. walked those streets.. OH HOW I LOVE those cute lil shopes!!

Adespain said...

you are hilarious. Glad everyone had a great time! It's hard to imagine any other option being possible for you guys. :)

Shane's Angie said...

Poor Kiki. When life gives you lemons I guess...
I hope she's enjoying her reunion with her mop and I hope more than anything that she's able to darn a few socks. I think darning socks would be the hardest thing to give up. I mean, who doesn't think darning socks is a worthwhile and delightful thing to do? Sheesh, I feel for those people who just throw away their holey socks and don't take advantage of the joy of darning. So Kiki, here's hoping you're darning again these days...Shame on you Jess for taking her away from all her beloved past times. Shame, shame. Next time, I'll sacrafice and come in her place...or at least accompany her on her trip. Though I don't know her, it sounds like we might become fast friends :)

Anonymous said...

I need that big yellow pillow on that porch bench in the first picture for my front porch chair..just swing by and pick it up for me . Love ya. Mom.

Perry's said...

Love it! So fun to get away from all those daily chores! Too bad they are all still waiting when you return!