Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Carving Pumpkins: In Which Natalie Handles a Knife and Jansen Lights a Sharpie on Fire

No matter that they are already decaying and shriveled on the doorstep. And never mind that a friend quickly called her son away from Natalie's pumpkin because it looked so rotted and diseased. The important thing is:

We carved pumpkins! (And made memories. My very, very most favorite thing to do.)

Hand picked from a pumpkin patch in the dark because we were the last hay ride to go out that night. SPOOOOOOOKY!

Poor Jansen was intent on carving his pumpkin with a butter knife. We were able to distract him from this impossible and frankly dangerous task by having him scoop out guts. How many homemaker points do I get for saving the pumpkin seeds? I didn't roast them or anything...just ended up throwing them away the next day...but still, there's got to be points somewhere in that process.

Look how sweet this is. Nate is protectively hovering over Natalie AS SHE BRANDISHES A WEAPON! Neither of us are all that sure how she got that in her hand without us noticing, but be assured it was a short lived rendezvous with the knife.

A few minutes later as we are still working on our pumpkins (I was talking on the phone) I hear Nate talking to Jansen about NEVER, EVER lighting things on fire and how dangerous "that" was. He had lit the tip of a Sharpie on fire. There are still black marks on Jansen's pumpkin where he had tried to extinguish it.

The night is declared a raging success as we finished it off with pumpkin pie shakes.


Shane's Angie said...

You had me at that post title. Really. OK, so you do receive quite a bit of points for saving the seeds. 150 at least. You could have earned another 70 points had you rinsed them and pulled all the little stringies off. You receive an additional 50 for laying them out, roasting them and adding seasoning. The real point values come from trying to convince the children that they really are the yummiest things to eat because you worked so dang hard to create them. That in and of itself is 200 points. I personally earned those points one year, but decided the points were not worth it, especially because I ended up redeeming them in Halloween candy and gained 4 pounds. Nevertheless, it is the thought that counts...er, the memories created by the thoughts. And, the fact that you got it on film really seals the deal. Congrats on a fine pumpkin carving phenomenon.

Gazdik Family said...

You know, maybe you should name your blog "the saga of my children's injuries, scars, loss of tooth and near misses."
And they look so cute and innocent on Sundays!!

J & M Squared said...

So am I the friend that shooed her son away from the rotting pumpkin?? You never cease to amaze me. You are one dang awesomely talented friend and mom!!

kiki comin said...

haha. i am laughing..love the knife in natalies hand and go jansen with the lighter. you are such great parents.haha.:)

Annie said...

Audrey secretly grabbed the knife at our house as well! Though I must admit I didn't take time to grab a picture of it...I love this post. It sums up doing holiday traditions with kids perfectly. That's because it's never perfect! I love it and I love those two kiddos.

Anonymous said...

I should say that they can play with knives and lighters if they want to.....but alas, not this time. Love, you.

Jessi said...

I love what Angie said :) And I second the whole thing. Ok, so, I love you and Nate in the goth costumes! I laughed so hard when I saw that! So good.

And second, I'm glad you survived pumpkin carving night! We have yet to do it so the fact that they're rotting on your porch just means you're WAY more on top of it than I am!

Poor little sharpie... it never stood a chance. I love the happenings in your house! Always such an adventure! and with the cutest kids!

Kami said...

Did you make those pumpkin pie shakes or buy them? If you made them I'd like to know how you did that. Also, have you tried the new Jamba Juice that's Pumpkin Blast or something like that? Its DIVINE!