Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's a Long One

Before I tell you what this freaky-ness is about....

We had our Primary program today which was centered around the theme "My Eternal Family." All year as the kids have been working on these songs I have gotten teary eyed listening to them sing. One song in particular, "The Family is of God" is just incredible when you hear a group of Primary children sing it. I listen to it all the time in the car, even without my kids, because I love it so much. You can listen to it HERE. This is how it goes:
1. Our Father has a family.
It’s me! It’s you, all others too: we are His children.
He sent each one of us to earth, through birth,To live and learn here in fam’lies.
God gave us families to help us become what He wants us to be—This is how He shares His love, for the famly is of God.

2. A father’s place is to preside, provide,
To love and teach the gospel to his children.
A father leads in famly prayer to share
Their love for Father in Heaven.

3. A mother’s purpose is to care, prepare,
To nurture and to strengthen all her children.
She teaches children to obey, to pray,
To love and serve in the famly.

4. I’ll love and serve my family and be
A good example to each famly member.
And when I am a mom or dad, so glad,
I’ll help my famly remember:
God gave us families to help us become what He wants us to be—This is how He shares His love, for the famly is of God.

What a cool song.

So back to started off with a practice for the Primary program. After that was over, Nate and I raced over to the OSU game. If you can believe it, this was our first time going to a game since we have moved here. We hope to make it to maybe one more game because it's awesome being a part of this:

Yes, it rained. Yes, it was cold. BUT YES, they sell hot chocolate and warm pretzels so things worked out. Monica and I stole these garbage bag liners from some stadium garbage cans and they were perfect ponchos! (Okay...I got them at Wal-Mart. But if you want to pretend they are garbage bags you can, it's funnier.)

To end the day we attended a Halloween party. I have yet to figure out how to put together a Halloween costume without spending more money than I want to, so we borrowed these rockin' costumes from the Palmers. They looked so good the year they wore them that we pretty much copied them.

Cannot pull off the serious faces.

I had to run to the grocery the store that night to get nail polish remover to take off my black nail polish (I know black nails are trendy...but I cannot pull that off either) and it felt so weird to be stared at constantly. I tried to smile a lot so people would know it wasn't the "real" me. Cuz a real gothic would never smile at someone at the grocery store right?


Gazdik Family said...

haha you guys are the cutest couple ever!!

Shane's Angie said...

I cannot tell you how giddy happy it made me to see Nate look like that. I can't wait to show Shane. What a polar opposite...which is what makes it the best costume!
I love that primary song too! I don't think I've ever been at a Primary program that I didn't cry through. Ever. Even when I was young and single without children. I cried even then.

kiki comin said...

whoa...i could not wait to see pictures of this..those are so great. we had our primary program today..i bawled as well.

Heather said...

The primary program was incredibly touching, I'm so proud of all the kids.

As for the costumes, I was laughing so hard when I saw you guys wearing them. Loved the total contradiction. Also loved the bit about you racing to the store as a smiling Goth. Classic. See you soon.

Melinda said...

oh come on, the black nails wouldn't have been weird at all to go with the primary program! :) Sad I missed your costumes.

As for that primary song, it gets me every time too! And you did such an awesome job putting the program together. I love working with you in Primary. :)

Annie said...

You guys look awesome! I'm so glad you posted pictures so quickly. I probably should have mentioned that the black fingernail polish is a bit difficult to get off. I secretly just wanted to see Nate with black nails at church. Now my question is why didn't anyone say it was a complete "contradiction" when we wore the costumes. Do you think people can see the goth in Bryan and I?

Gazdik Family said...

So this is Sanae...
That costume is SOOO unlike Nate that it is funny. You would make a real cute gothic, Jessica!!

Tina said...

I'm so glad you have a husband that gets into the Halloween spirit of dressing up. I'm not sure if I'll ever get Tyler into a "real" costume. It's my goal in life.

It's fun dressing up as someone/something you normally wouldn't be. Love this holiday!!

Kent and Leisy said...

that was kent's costume our first year married! he even wore a live snake around his neck and women's black nasty boots. you guys look great!!

Monica said...

I LOVE IT! I totally wish now that I would have seen this in person, but the pictures are great. So classic. I love that you guys dressed Goth.

Also, the game was amazing. Wonder why it has taken us year 4 to finally get there! :)

R said...

LOL. You know I had to reread your post because I didn't even recognize Nate in that first picture! That is awesome. Maybe we'll have to try it out for this Saturday. ;)

J & M Squared said...


Mary said...

I LOVE that song :) We are so blessed to have families and to have the knowledge that families can be together forever. I've been thinking of your family and lot - you're in my prayers. Love you!

David and Kristi Gailey said...

You guys look awesome! I love it!