Thursday, July 2, 2009

His MEAN Face

Jansen is learning more about the good guys and bad guys these days. He still has no interest in any superheroes (it's all about steam engines and doggies over here) but every once in awhile he will pretend to be a "bad guy" and it makes me laugh so hard...because he just doesn't fit the part. This is his "mean" face and it reminds me so much of Nate because neither of them can frown or look mean for more than a second or two...then they just burst into a smile.


Kami said...

Oh he's so cute. I can't believe how big he's getting.

Shane's Angie said...

Soooo, I take it he hasn't mastered "mean eyebrows" like the Sullivan's and Leavitt's have?...he's got those amazing arches, he'd be good at it!

Monica said...

Adorable! Sorry if he got that "bad guy" "good guy" thing from Aiden. That so sounds like my little guy!! They are so cute at this age though.