Monday, June 29, 2009

Jansen Joins the Workforce

Nate and I decided it was time for Jansen to get a job. Learn some responsibility, gain a concept of money, and basically start pulling his own weight around here. There happened to be another 3 year old in the area looking for work so they teamed up and carpooled to their construction job.
Here they are surveying the scene of their first assignment:

They didn't waste any time getting started:

The morning dragged and after putting in some long hours, it was time for lunch.

Then back to work! There's no rest for the weary toddler. Jansen learned the ins and outs of some new machinery:

It didn't take long for Jansen to realize that this might possibly be his calling in life.
Our hard working boys returned home pooped...just the way we like 'em. But we've decided not to send him back out again just yet...maybe in a few years...Natalie missed him too much while he was gone.
***the pictures were taken at the Big Machines exhibit at COSI...I made a great trade with a friend and she kept Natalie while I took her son to the exhibit***


Meg said...

I love COSI! what a fun exhibit!

Annie said...

Julia has a thing for construction workers you know, with their big muscles and such. Looked like heaven for two little boys.

Buffy Dayton said...

COSI like the sandwich place? Okay, at first I was like, "wow, he is only three, jess is pretty hardcore. Maybe I should think about something like that", and then I got it! Cute!

Monica said...

What CUTE pictures!!! So fun to see them. I can tell that they had so much fun. Thanks again for taking him.

Tina said...

How fun!! I loved all your comments under the pictures. It made me laugh. The boys looked super cute in their construction hats. What a great trade with your friend.

Shane's Angie said...

Sounds like the trades Carrie and I make! I loved the pictures and, as always, you are so very clever :)

Sarah Walton said...

that is a great idea to trade kids like that . . . . it was fun hanging out with you tonight, we need to do that more often!

kiki comin said...

i'd hire him, so i totally know why they would:)