Sunday, December 21, 2008

This is my life lately. Natalie wants me to hold her all the time and if I don't she drives me crazy doing things like this. Something's bothering her and my best guess is teething. Yes, that is a barf covered carseat cover. She drank too much milk and then had a coughing spasm and out it came.


As for Jans-Man: No doubt about it, my son loves trains. Here's how I know:
-After we have put him to bed at night he often talks to himself and calls out things like, "All aboard!"
-He talks about Santa and his traindeer
-Last Sunday he saw "train tracks" on the ceiling of the church
-He said to me today, "There's my golden engine I love to chug!"
-He uses words like "coupled properly," "buffers," "down the line," "narrow gauge controller," etc.
-His new favorite movie is Polar Express
-He will make this high pitched train whistle sound for like 10 minutes straight when he's's cute, but it's also like nails on a chalkboard
-He can't wait to get Percy, Molly, and Henry for Christmas (maybe)


Scott Family said...

I totally can relate to your life with little Natalie! You know that I have the same problem. Sofie is SO clingy to me (especially in Utah). Jansen is SO cute with his trains. I love it.

Justin and Jessi said...

how funny because Jarrett also sees train tracks on the roof of the church. ha ha! What an imagination these boys have!

Anonymous said...

I want to holdy her! I hope she will let me.

kiki comin said...

ahhh..what a cute butt picture of you and natalie!:) haha. i love "coupled properly"..what a finely brought up little boy and so glad its you listening to the human train whistle sound..we've already been through that once..crossing our fingers we don't go through it again!:)

Kami said...

Jansen is so adorable! I can't wait to see them both. Hopefully Natalie will let me hold her...

Angie said...

Oh how I miss you! I can't believe you've been delayed so much! Evie will love playing with Jansy Pants (if we can get you here!) because she is a big choo choo fan!