Thursday, December 18, 2008

Not His Day

Today Jansen fell backwards down the stairs in a friend's house. I was actually at the top and watched the whole thing...I just keep replaying it in my head and it makes my stomach turn every time. He cut his head again, so add another scar to my poor son's face.

Another event to top off his day...he had been creating this yucky mucky brown "chocolate milk" out of paint and water and absentmindedly drank from it. It was kind of funny, but of course disgusting. Hopefully tomorrow is a little better!


Annie said...

Those dang stairs! I wish they weren't so treacherous. I think that it's going to heal up great though because Julia remembered to pray for Jansen last night at dinner time.

megandjon said...

oh poor thing!! of course, all the girls will love him because chics dig scars!

also, i'm ashamed to say that i totally laughed about the "chocolate milk" but mainly because i could totally see myself doing the same thing!

Angie said...

No fun for mommy, but guys dig great scars...he'll love 'em some day!

Tina said...

Maybe it would have been better if you had not witnessed the whole thing!! I hate those moments!
Cloey came up to the computer right when I clicked on your blog and she said, "Ohhhh, poor little boy!!! Can we go to their house someday and play with him?!?" And then she started pointing out all of her boo boos. I hope he can calm down a little bit in the year 2009!!