Monday, September 8, 2008

A Little Bit of Magic

I am touched by some pretty unusual things sometimes...and of course by some not so unusual things as well.

An unusual thing: after dropping Jansen off at preschool and heading back home, I spotted a line of UPS trucks caravaning up the road to begin a day's work. It was almost inspiring to me. The way we all wake up and do our thing the best we can and the world keeps spinning because we are all doing our little part.

A perhaps not so unusual thing: the beautiful butterfly that looked like it was flying straight for me, I honestly wondered if it might hitch a ride on me, and then it flitted away to do something else important. It was a tiny, happy moment for me.
Not unusual at all thing: my kids. Jansen laughing his head off all alone in his room because he was harassing a fly. Natalie knowing that Jansen was at playgroup and she needed to squeeze in lots of time playing with his favorite cars...she ran around the house with one in each hand.

I have decided, and I guess always known, that there is magic in the seemingly ordinary day. I have also decided to try harder to see it and feel it and find it and experience it, because it makes me really happy when I do.

Magic moment from a few days ago...Jansen sharing his peanut butter sandwich with little sis.


Noelle said...

This was a very happy post Jessica. It is an important lesson to look for the good and magical things in every day.

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that how to tell you are a naturally happy person is if you notice and get joy out of those little things. I am so glad you do. I do too.

Buffy Dayton said...

What a cute post! I loved it! Your kids are so darling. Any new news on the heart thing?

Angie said...

Your butterfly story reminded me of that part on You've Got Mail where she says she saw a butterfly on the subway and it got off and she assumes it was going to Tiffany's to buy a hat, which would be a mistake as most hats are...