Monday, May 12, 2008

My Favorite Room, Gifts, and a Mom

My cousin Angie had the splendid idea of doing a "Favorite Room" Tag. You know, take a picture of your favorite room and tell 5 things about it. Fabulous. I have put this off a bit because my bedroom is never clean, but I realized if I waited until it was, then I would never ever do it. So here it is in it's plain, messy glory. Someday I will get around to adding some color and depth to it. But my favorite room nonetheless. And this is why:

1. We have a really nice view of the pond across from our house. It's fun to watch the geese and ducks and everyone else enjoying it on a nice night.
2. Because the recliner lives here. I just fall more and more in love with this chair as time goes on. It's so comfy and so...reclinable.
3. This is where I read.
4. I love the ambiance of a lamp and I love to turn off the light and flip on the lamp and feel cozy.
5. This room represents my retreat after the kids go to bed. I live for bedtime. I love my kids to pieces, but my alone time after they are asleep is INVALUABLE, NECESSARY, TREASURED, ETC.!

This is my Mother's Day gift and I love it. Under the odd colored pillowcase is a splendid, puffy pillow that Nate got for me. And the other gift...super turbo insect killer. We kind of have a lot of bugs here, and I am especially not fond of spiders, so I am so excited to have the house sprayed down. (Sorry Leisy.)

I've been called to teach the 9/10 year olds in Primary. I guess I have some experience with this type of thing having taught school, but any bits of advice or secrets would be much appreciated! My mom teaches this same age in her ward in Utah and I thought that was pretty cool.

And of course, Happy Mother's Day Mom. I love you!


Annie said...

Aren't those quiet moments alone in the evening the best? I love your mother's day presents. It's so funny the things you are so thrilled with. I must say I think the vain pictures of Jansen and Natalie are hilarious as well. Jansen looks like he's ready to bust a move. Hope you had a great mother's day!

Anonymous said...

There are some activity books that go with the lessons. Do you have a Deseret Book or anthing like that out there? If not I can send you one or when you get here we will get you some to take back. They help a lot! I haven't seen hardly any spiders in a while at the house, so that should make you happy. Love, mom

Angie Sullivan said...

Thanks for taking my tag Jess! As you know, I love my bedroom too...for all the same reasons...except the view of the pond, can't say I've got that going for me! I hope you had a wonderful day!

Traci said...

Home Defense kicks butt! If you've used it before you know, if not I must say I love it, the first time I used it I was amazed that we didn't see a spider or any kind of bug in our house for a whole year. As soon as we saw one we knew it was time to spray again I never use anything else!!!

taylor and laney said...

i can't beleive you put that home defense stuff on your bed.

Kent and Leisy said...

kill all of the ants- and I don't even care if you massacre the spiders either- but leave the beetles and other cute little insects alone, please.

Lindsey and Nate said...

Hey Jess its lindsey. I just had a felt party at my house yesterday and they have really cute felt sets that help you teach different lessons from the Book of Mormon and Bible. Like 20 stories from each. I teach the 3 and 4 year olds, but I think it's good thing to have for church. Also I was wondering if you have read the stephenie meyer books or her new one The Host? I know i actually have been reading lately, crazy huh?

Lindsey and Nate said...

Hey sorry check out That might help. They also have alot of really cute stuff for your two kids. My neices and nephews love it.