Thursday, May 15, 2008

Last Day

Jansen finished up his Sporties for Shorties class today. I think he wore this baseball shirt every time...per his request. He "played golf" for a good part of the class today and I had to laugh when they instructor said something to the effect of, "That's good that's he's playing a sport today." (Since he usually just runs around or invents new ways to use the equipment.)

Here's his good buddy Aiden who had just finished at the T-ball area and thought he would try a swing with the golf club.

The other day I was telling Jansen all the people (family) we will be visiting next month and he got really excited. He said to me, "All of them! All my friends I love in my house. And I love my special rock." Typical Jansen jibberish that I LOVE listening to.


Angie Sullivan said...

We are excited to hear Jansen Jibberish too! I love that little class, what a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures made me smile too. So content, looking at his books. And I love Natalie's outfit, just cruising around the house. You just tell that instructor at sporties that Jansen is an especially creative, intelligent child that will do his own thing and Jansen can do that if he wants to...Grandma said so. Love, mom.

taylor and laney said...

i wish i had a special rock to love. and when are you coming out here?

Jan Schiffman said...

I want a sporties for shorties class that's awesome.