Sunday, April 13, 2008

Swing Kid


Angie Sullivan said...

Those pictures make me think of that old country song..."Just a swingin'". You probably don't remember it because you are still young and I am officially in my thirties. Anyway, that boy of yours is adorable!

The Nye's said...

I think you missed your calling in life - you were supposed to be a professional photographer. You take the best pictures. I miss you guys so much!! Yesterday Kyle asked to play with Jansen just out of the blue. We can't wait until you are here!

Peter&Ashley said...

Great pictures! He looks like a little monkey.:)

Anonymous said...

So fun!

In other news... I've been meaning to call you and thank you profusely for *ahem* the service rendered on my behalf yesterday. And I will. But I clearly didn't today... so here's the beginning of the thank yous coming your way. :)

Oh, and I'm not going to blog about it but you are more than welcome to. In detail. You definitely earned the right. Hehe.

In case it needs to be said, that is an act of service I will *never* forget!


kiki comin said...

he's so sweet.