Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Few Different Things

Jansen just loves to color. I made the big mistake of introducing him to markers before you can imagine he always prefers the markers. I am so used to him having marker on his hands that I hardly ever remember to clean him up before going somewhere. Don't all kids have marker on their hands???
I am loving watching Jansen's little imagination grow. Today he told me that the blue fork that he has carefully placed on the plate is a "hot dog tunnel." In case the hot dogs want to go under the fork I guess. And to the left of the blue plate you can see the "train tracks" he has built out of trail mix.

Here is Mr. Mom showing off the wrap.


Had to post this picture again in color.

This is how much he hates having his picture taken.

Sittin' pretty


The Scott Family said...

so cute! i can't believe how much natalie has changed since I last saw her. K.. so where did you get that wrap? I may need one of those. Also, I've been behind on my blogging so one of these days I will respond to that tagging! you have beautiful kids!!!!!

lindsey said...

I don't think it matters what you introduce first. Kids will always choose markers over crayons!

Ang said...

My goodness, those kids are just too adorable! Tell Nate he looks great in the mommy mummy! Love you all!