Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

Jansen saw Nate chewing some gum yesterday. This isn't the first time he's spotted us, but we usually just distract him or give him something else to eat. I guess Nate felt it was time to introduce Jansen to the wonderful world of gum (I'm fine with it). Jansen chewed this piece for a little bit but I am not sure where it ended up exactly. I am about 90% sure it's in his tummy.


The Nye's said...

Kyle is obsessed with gum. He saw this picture and I didn't even mention "gum" and he spotted it in Jansens mouth right away.

Ang said...

Be grateful that you can introduce gum to a child with very short hair. I have super hairy children, who are also super obsessed with gum, which adds up to one big mess that usually involves peanut butter and lots of tears! But, thankfully, that has only happen a few times!

Anonymous said...

Jess I promise I will not tell Grandma about the gum, you know how she feels about gum! Carrie