Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pancakes and a Princess

Almost every Saturday and Sunday morning Nate, Jansen, and I have pancakes or waffles. Maybe not the healthiest habit, but we love having breakfast together and we love our pancakes and waffles. Jansen can eat as many as I can. After he's finished, he always holds out his hands and says "sticky." At least he's using a fork these days...he used to use his hands and that really was a sticky mess!

And here are a couple videos of the one calling all the shots around the house these days. I think Nate has done over 600 deep knee bends and one walk around the lake by our house (it's 10:30 pm) to get her to go to sleep tonight. Presenting Princess Natalie:


Anonymous said...

thanks for the video. i love seeing her moving around, i miss holding her so much. by the way, LOVE jansen's hair cut! love, mom

kiki comin said...

i forgot the cute sounds babies cute. and ditto on your mom's jansen's hair!