Saturday, September 1, 2007

Our Glo Worm

Our second day in the hospital we found out Natalie had jaundice. It's not real bad, but because of something about she and I having non-compatible blood types we are taking some extra precautions. We are using a bili-blanket which is a blanket of lights that we wrap around her tummy to help get her bilirubin levels down. She looks just like a little glo worm! (Do any of you remember those from your childhood toys?) Hopefully we will only have to use it one more day.


kiki comin said...

she is the cutest little glo worm i ever have seen! it was good to see ya today!:)

Ang said...

She is so darling! The only problem with gloworm toys was the fact that if you accidently push on them in the middle of the night they could keep you awake...does your gloworm keep you awake at night? Mine does. So, your not alone.

Kent and Leisy said...

totally looks like a glo worm! and she looks really big in the one pic where she's all sprawled out. that first week with zebhome was such a long week! does it get easier with the second?