Thursday, August 30, 2007

Jansen meets Natalie

Here are some fun videos of Jansen interacting with Natalie not long after meeting her for the first time (this morning). As you can see, he seems to like her so far! Or at least doesn't really mind sharing his parents. The keen observer of the first video (Nate and Jansen doing the monkey song) will notice a little yawn and two sneezes from Natalie. There are some more pictures on dropshots, so check those out. One or more of Natalie's grandma's just LOVES the back of little babies' necks ;) so we took a couple shots showing Natalie's.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the back of the head shot! Those little ears and wrinkled neck are so sweet. She has the most adorable cheeks too. Jansen is so cute with her. I think their going to be best buds. She looked right around at him when he said her name on the video. See Ya Soon!

Peter&Ashley said...

What a cute little family! Congratulations!

kiki comin said...

great idea about letting natalie give him the helicopter..nothing like a good impression the first time meeting!:)

Cara said...

Jansen is so sweet with her. It seems like he loves her already. Her little baby sneeze was so cute. It almost makes me want another one soon-- until I remember the labor part. 2 labors down for you only 10 more to go!