Friday, September 7, 2007

Grandma's Here!

Note: I am starting to get a little embarrassed about the number of pictures in which Jansen is not wearing any clothes. Here's the deal: it's hot enough here that bedtime and naps occur in just a diaper and possibly some shorts. And I never see the point in putting a nice shirt on him that will inevitably get syrup, marker, or grape juice on it. But I will admit there is room for improvement on my part. With that said, here are more half naked photos!

My mom got here last night...just in time for the last bit of Jansen's birthday celebrations. Jansen is really into Thomas the Train these days and I have been telling him she was bringing him a "Thomas." He was so excited and I think these pictures tell just how engrossed he was with his new train stuff. Trying to get him to have dinner was a joke so we took turns taking bites over to him while he played.

Apparently the age of 2 brings some manipulating skills. Jansen is already milking my mom for all she's worth and hid between her legs last night while I tried to get him to go to bed. Future grandma and grandpa visitors beware! He knows you think he's cute!


The Scott Family said...

Aiden wanted me to tell Jansen Happy B-day!! haha.. okay, so he isn't really quite there yet. BUT just wanted to tell you that I love the pics... so cute.. Hope you are enjoying time with your mom! Happy b-day Jansen!

kiki comin said...

yay for grandmas being here! it makes life so much easier!:)

Anthony said...

Nudity or nakedness is the state of wearing no clothing. It is sometimes used to refer to wearing significantly less clothing than expected by the conventions of a particular culture and situation, and in particular exposing the bare skin.

Ang said...

Hi Nyes and Hardy R! We wish we were there with you! Jess, don't fret over the nudy pictures. Skin is much easier to wash that clothing and I support your decision. Evie is trying to be a nudist these days too, which I wouldn't mind except she doesn't want her diaper on either. Floors are not easier to clean up than diapers. Wish me luck! Give Natalie a big hug from the cousins!