Thursday, September 6, 2007

Birthday Boy

I am officially the mother of a 2 year old. So weird. Last night Nate and I decorated the house a little bit so Jansen could wake up to balloons and streamers and have a fun start to the day. He apparently knew we had done this (not really) and was extremely excited because he decided to wake up before 6. The sound of him calling for me that early in the morning just sends chills down my spine. Especially when you had just been up feeding another little one at 4:30. That's how it goes I guess! Alas, the rest of the day was great. He loved all the balloons littered around the house was so excited about his new train set. Natalie also had her first doctor's appt this morning...she is 9 lbs 8 oz now so she's gaining weight well. She LOVES to just cuddle up and sleep on me. She is so sweet.

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Anthony said...

Somebody needs a hug from uncle anthony!!