Sunday, August 19, 2007

What Jansen's Been Up To

Jansen loved helping us make some peanut butter cookies this afternoon. He kept saying, "Yummy cookie!" and was really patient while they baked.

Jansen also got a special surprise in the mail a few days ago. Grandpa sent him a really cool airplane! It's the kind that you can shoot off of a gun type thing and it really goes flying. In fact, Nate accidentally shot it onto our roof. Jansen was really upset about it, and after we finally got it down he wouldn't let Nate get anywhere near it (his airplane). It was really funny.

All this romping around without a shirt is starting to become a problem. Jansen has started getting upset when we put a shirt on him and he grabs at it and says, "shirt off." A few other funny things...he keeps saying "woops" whenever he drops something or sees something fall. It's so cute. And he has picked up the phrase "bless you" only he thinks you're supposed to use it for coughing, sneezing, burping, etc. Most of the time he says it to himself after he coughs.


Anne said...

Fun! The cookies look yummy and I had to laugh when I thought about Jansen blessing himself when he coughs. Hehehe.

Anthony said...

Me thinks i see an air force pilot in the future.

kiki comin said...

peanut butter cookies and carrots! what a perfect combination!:)